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How to Choose Walking Shoes

Walking is an important activity we engage in everyday and to keep our legs protected we wear shoes. Walking requires more than just shoes and whether going for an extended nature trek or a short woodland hike, there is no doubt that you would love to be in a pair of shoe that offers maximum comfort. An ideal pair of shoe will prevent any injuries to your leg, improve on your performance and keeps you walking for a long period of time and distance.

As much as buying shoes could always seem easy, getting an ideal walking shoe is a difficult and a daunting task to many people. Sometimes we buy shoe thinking that they would best serve us, just to realize that they do not meet our every expectation while walking. This therefore means that before settling for an ideal walking shoe you have to be certain about what you are going for. There are a number of factors that you need not to overlook to ensure that you have the right foot wear that would enable you enjoy your outdoor walking activities.

1. Size and shape of the shoe

While choosing the right walking shoes, the first thing you need to consider is the size and the shape of the shoe with regards to your leg. Different people have different shapes and sizes of legs and this means that shoes would differ. The size of the shoe you are going for should be one that perfectly fits your leg and gives an allowance for mechanics as you walk. The shape should also be one that resembles your leg. To be sure a shoe fits you, it is always advisable to try it out before you buy.

2. Upper

The upper describes the uppermost part of the shoe that covers the leg. There are different types of material like leather, mesh, suede and synthetic that are used to manufacture this part of the shoe and all of them give varied comfort levels. While choosing a walking shoe or a sports shoe, you need to go for one that has a strong and a water proof upper. It should also be spacious enough to allow you at least wiggle your toes. This would ensure that your legs are super protected and you will be able to walk longer due to the comfort.

3. Comfortable soles

The best soles are made from high quality synthetic and have layers of rubber. This combination helps you have a good grip on the ground and it also reduces the risks of jerks preventing ankle and knee joint pains. The sole should also be strong enough not to allow sharp objects penetrate through in to your leg. With a comfortable and a strong sole you will enjoy walking knowing that your feet are protested.

4. An ideal flexion angle

The flexion angle is the angle created between your feet and the ground as you walk. A good sports or walking shoes must have the correct flexion angle to allow easy movement of the muscles that help in walking. It also helps in keeping your ankles stress free thereby enabling you to walk for a long distance in maximum comfort.

5. Weight of the shoes.

No one enjoys walking in heavy shoes since they consume more energy and you are likely to get tired so fast. While going for walking shoe, it is important to consider the weight. Go for light, but strong shoes that are able to protect your feet. In light shoes you have a comfortable feeling of being bare foot enabling you walk longer.

6. Air breathing design

An ideal walking shoe enables your leg breath as you walk. This helps in keeping your feet dry and aerated even after a long distance walk. With an air breathing design, your legs would be free from irritation and infection that come as a result of poor aeration and in-shoe hygiene.

7. Fashionable design.

Shoes are an important component of fashion and there is no doubt that everyone wants to be in an outstanding fashion all the time. After considering all the other variable, you would desire a shoe that keeps you trendy.

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