As a pro runner or seasoned athlete, have you ever wondered which time of the day is best to get effective runs? This has been a long-standing debate among runners and exercise experts on which time gives more proficiency to the runner. Most runners have favorite time of the day peculiar and dedicated for running, many prefer the morning while others will go for the mid-afternoon and late evening runs. In all, the choice of time is determined by different reasons depending on the runner’s experience over time. In recent times, some runners have claimed to run better at one time of the day than another.

However, in many cases of this, it always occurs that each runner reacts to specific times differently, although science is yet to analyze the mechanism involved in those variations, it is definitely significant that daylight, social pressure and meal time are factors to be considered.
Therefore, in order to explain which time of the day is right for you as a runner, there is need to highlight the merits and demerits of running at different time of the day.


It might surprise you that the best time to go for runs is definitely not in the early morning. This is so because virtually all the body component and functions is at rest in such hours of the morning. In early hours of the day the body temperature tends to be on the low rate causing the muscles to be stiffened, this implies the energy stores of the body will be in depletion since there is no food intake. Moreover, going for runs and exercise in the morning leaves you in danger of injury and complications.


During these hours the body temperature tends to be more improved provided you take a protein filled breakfast. This surely affects the energy level of the body. So, if you have your run routine in the mid-morning you have the chance to effectively build up your calf and quad muscles. This is valid because research has shown over times that mid-morning run is the perfect time to build muscles.

Afternoon and evenings

You will agree with me that most physical activities are best performed in the late afternoon and evenings simply because this is the time when you your body temperature rise to its peak. This surely makes it an easier task to speed up the muscles that felt stiffened in the morning.

On the right note, this is arguably the best time given the fact that there are no negatives involved. However, though it seems to be the perfect time for any runner but late afternoon is the worst time for mental motivation. This is why you won’t feel inspired to go for runs, but if you can motivate yourself, you will definitely be surprised by your achievements.

Considering all the Pros and Cons involved in the variation of time, it is out rightly in your capacity to make your choices as you deem it fit.